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MIchelle Grady

Michelle Grady-Bressler, RYT 200
Michelle loves combining her knowledge of bodywork and meditation and bringing it to the mat. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator with 19 years experience helping clients on their healing journeys. She was first introduced to yoga in 2001 and has had a daily practice since 2015. She has completed Downtown Yoga’s 200 hour Advanced Studies Program and is currently enrolled in their 300 hour program.

Michelle is light hearted, nurturing and welcomes all. What she loves about alignment based yoga is that it is accessible to everyone. She has experienced that practicing yoga has benefited her body, mind and spirit. Her goal is to bring yoga into as many people's lives as possible.
WARNING Yoga has been known to cause Health and Happiness

MIchelle Grady instructs the following:
  • All Levels - Noon Yoga
  • All Levels class at noon.  75-minute class. 

  • Beginner's Yoga
  • Any and all new students to Yoga are welcome to attend. Classes focus on basic poses and conscious breathing techniques. Specific instruction is given on alignment and safety.The syllabus for the Beginner’s Yoga classes refines and perfects all of the basic 30 poses that are covered in the Introduction to Yoga series. In addition, we begin to explore 20 new poses and combinations of poses. Learn more about our Pose Syllabus here. How long should I continue to go to just the Beginner’s Yoga classes?Some people stay in the beginner’s yoga classes for years. Moving onto a Beginner/Intermediate class isn’t necessary or mandatory. The 50 poses and sequences covered in the Beginning Yoga program will set the foundation for a balanced and integrated life-long yoga practice for any student at any age. These 50 poses stretch, strengthen and tone all the muscles and joints in the body. They create balance and fine integration throughout the entire human being.What if I feel like I want to learn more or do more – is it safe to go into a Beginner/Intermediate class?If you have been practicing in our Beginner’s Yoga classes 2-3 times a week, and you feel comfortable in 85% of the poses listed above (45 of 50 poses), then you are in a safe place to continue to the Beginner/Intermediate classes.

  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Main Focus of Intermediate Yoga
    1) To assist the student in finding ease in all 65 poses in the Beginner/Intermediate syllabus.
    (including building stamina and duration in all inverted poses).
    2) To assist the student in developing and deepening his or her personal practice towards a daily practice (either at the studio – or at the student’s home at his or her own pace and level.)
    3) To add an additional 35 new poses to the student's repertoire. Learn more about our Pose Syllabus here.
    Why is the emphasis on the Intermediate class towards building stamina and a daily yoga practice?
    The physical benefits of yoga are many including: increased flexibility, strength, increased range of motion, vitality and more. Yet the main benefit that comes from practicing yoga is peace of mind. Students tell us how the bombardment of their “life’s circumstances” haven’t changed, yet they feel a new sense of peace and ease as they continue with the yoga practice. This is not a random phenomenon or coincidence, but rather a direct benefit and result of having the student work at all ends of his or her physical spectrum. Yoga is a practice of balancing and eliminating dualities. This balance only comes after time and sustained practice. Yoga is not a “quick-fix” – but rather must be practiced as a way of life – a lifestyle.
    This is a deep and constant theme in the yogic literature. In Sanskrit the saying is: “Abhayasa Vairaghyabhyam Tannnirodah.” This translates as: “The constant and sustained practice of detachment, over a long period of time, extinguishes the disturbances that prevent peace of mind.”