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What does Downtown Yoga offer that you just can’t find at other Yoga Venues?

(asked during online Student Survey - 10/4/11)


  • I love the teachers at Downtown Yoga!!!

  • Quality of patient and helpful instruction along with ideal location.

  • Love the teachers.

  • The people.

  • Everything is purrrrrfect for me!What I like best is the "real life" experience and understanding that is brought with all of the instructors. You understand that we work and are busy people as well and that really does help in the classes.

  • Comfortable, no judgement atmosphere, very nice ;)

  • Consistent teaching of very high quality from teachers who care and know you who you are.

  • Great teachers, a gentle but challenging practice, welcoming atmosphere - all around great studio.

  • I love the teachers.....they are the BEST!

  • I don't have to be self-conscious about my ability to do the poses because of my size.

  • Expert instruction.

  • A very personalized approach to health! I Love that the teachers always refer to me by my
    name and encourage me during class. Thank you!

  • Personal attention from Kate!!! I'm new to DY and have only been to her Restorative & Beg. classes so far. My physician recommended yoga. I feel I'm on the path to achieving greater inner peace, increased flexibility and strength, and overall well-being. DY offers a calm and welcoming "stay-awhile and relax" environment that I have not encountered at the local gym "twist-and-bend" yoga classes. I love how Kate actually checks your pose and moves about the room to help you into the correct pose. Sometimes it feels wrong and it's nice to know the teacher cares enough to help!!!

  • The sense of community.

  • Non judgment. Attention, making sure I do the poses correctly and tailoring them to my limitations.

  • Nice vibe and great instructors. Friendly and inviting!

  • Quality

  • Unpretentious atmosphere with knowledgeable teachers who I feel care about my whole person. I feel welcomed and safe in every class. A wonderful place to build a yoga journey that I can continue for a lifetime.

  • I feel very welcomed at Downtown Yoga. I feel it's part of where I live. I like the environment; building, color, decor... I feel at ease. I've primarily taken classes with Kate and Jim, but all other instructors and guest instructors that I've sat in with have been equally as welcoming and knowledgeable.

  • I love the atmosphere. Even then you first start and you are a stranger to the group, everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I also like that although there are many who have practiced seriously and for a long time, if you haven't, you don't feel pressure to be more serious about the practice and try to do too much and get hurt. Love, love, love the people at Downtown Yoga!

  • Kate is great! (sorry about the Dr. Suess rhyme). The studio is nearby and pleasant. The atmosphere is low-key and welcoming.

  • Heart!

  • First of all, it's close to my house and I love being able to walk to class. Secondly, the studio feels like what true yoga should be. It's not at all like a work out at the gym. The owners and teachers really believe in and "live " yoga.

  • The best teachers!

  • I like the personal attention and feedback during the practice.

  • I love the location and the owners! Also, the variety of classes and options of time are amazing!

  • I've never done Yoga any where else, but Love Downtown Yoga! And like that it's not at a gym!!

  • Very friendly and non-competitive. Teachers and students aren't catty. Also I like that I don't get lectured or preached at, because I don't get a lot of spirituality from yoga and don't like the pretention that you should. Yoga is special and wonderful and I love it, but it is not my religion, and I appreciate that at DY you guys don't push that agenda.

  • Great practicing environment with excellent teachers!

  • It's just the ambience