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Are you “New to Yoga?” If so, welcome!

If you are a brand-new student to our studio please consider the
"2-week Unlimited Yoga for $20"
option. Take as many classes as you want every day for 14 days, trying out different teachers, styles and class times to see which yoga classes are right for you!

Yoga is accessible to everyone. No matter how inflexible or stiff you may feel, no matter how “out-of-shape” you may feel, no matter how old or young you are, no matter how many injuries you have had or are healing from now - yoga is accessible to you! Everyone can benefit from yoga.  


Since 2002 we have led over 20,000 yoga classes to thousands of students. What makes yoga accessible to all people is that there is a systematic method and system that allows you to begin at whatever level of fitness and flexibility you bring when you walk in the door. We can help you to achieve your conditioning and wellness goals through a regular and sustainable yoga practice. A great place to start is our "Beginner's Yoga" class.


Yoga has become very popular over the last few years. Many fitness centers now offer yoga as part of their curriculum. Yet, there still exists a great deal of misunderstanding and mystery about yoga. If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please email us at: and we'll see if we can help you find the answers you seek.


What kind of Yoga do you practice at Downtown Yoga?
Most of our teachers are trained and practice "Iyengar" style yoga. This form of yoga is named after Mr. B.K.S. Iyenger of Pune, India - one of the world's most renowned yoga teachers. Born in 1918, Mr. Iyengar still teaches and practices today. The method involves precise body alignment and posture and relies greatly on the use of props (chairs, blankets, blocks, straps, etc.) to assist the student to experience the full expression of each pose within each student's limits.


I've heard of HOT YOGA, what is that? Do you do HOT YOGA at Downtown Yoga?
"Hot Yoga" is a term for a type of yoga that was developed by Mr. Bikram Choudhury several decades ago. It is a series of 26 specfic poses - each pose done twice - in a room heated to between 98 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. WE DO NOT offer HOT YOGA at Downtown Yoga. But we do practice many of the same poses offered in a "Bikram" class.


Do I have to chant? Will practicing YOGA conflict with my religion?
You do not have to chant. We may -at the end of a class - say the word "OM" together. That is up the teacher. We also end every class with the word - "Namaste." This word loosely translates to: "the spirit in me acknowledges the spirit in you as the same." While the roots of YOGA are in a spiritual practice, it is NOT a religion, nor are you asked to "believe" anything. The ASANA’s (poses) we practice are physical postures designed to calm the mind and prepare it for meditation. People practice yoga for different reasons - some for the physical benefit, some for the effects it has on their mood. Yoga is a "practice" and not a "religion."


I've had BACK INJURIES and other body problems. What do you suggest?
The therapeutic benefits of yoga for orthopedic ailments are well documented. Consult with your doctor if he or she feels you would benefit from a yoga practice - and then come on in. Make sure you connect with the instructor prior to class to let him or her know of any particular physical limitation you may be dealing with at the time of class. We have had people practice yoga with scoliosis, post-back surgeries, and a host of other physical ailments.  


I'm in my 60’s. Isn't it really too late to do something like this?
NO! Yoga can be practiced right up until the last breath of life. We see many people in their 50's, 60's and some in their 70's showing up for classes. Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar - the world's foremost authority on Yoga - turned 90 years old on December 18, 2008 and practices every day. His teacher practiced until his death at 101. While genetics has much to do with a person's longevity - the old saying still applies - "...Use it or Lose it!"


I'm not very flexible - is YOGA for me?
The fact of the matter is this: You won't get MORE flexible by doing nothing! Yoga has been proven to increase flexibility and range of motion even on the "stiffest" of bodies. The important point to remember is begin slowly and with a trained instructor that understands your limits. A good place to start is an "Introduction to Yoga" class. These classes are designed for the "ground-zero" beginner - the person with absolutely no background in fitness or yoga or any type of body work.  


Do I need to bring my own mat? How else can I prepare?
We have all the "props" and supplies to practice. You can bring your own mat if you want. However, you can just bring yourself. Wear loose fitting clothes that are comfortable to move in - and also bring a sense of humor. It's best to practice on an empty stomach and at the very least try not to eat anything an hour before class. You don't want to feel "full" when practicing. When entering the studio please take off your shoes.


Can I buy a mat from your studio?
Yes we have a wide variety of mats for you to choose from to buy.


Are your classes series, or can I drop in anytime?
No the class is not a series, so you can join us any week, and you can do either drop-ins, or by buying a class card.


What are your class rates?
You will find a full list of our class rates on this page. Our class cards do not expire.

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